#GlamOfficial | Featured: A Pink Valentine…by fashion consultant, Maryanne Alabi!

A Pink Valentine…by fashion consultant, Maryanne Alabi!
Nigerian fashion consultant and style blogger, Maryanne Alabi, or otherwise known as Mayreejay takes us on another “Diary of a Fashion Stylist” wearing this amazing ruffles couture pink number from London based fashion brand Semande, owned by Yemisi Olaiya.

A lot of people do not attribute pink to the word valentine and when you hear or see the color pink, you certainly will not think of a bouquet of roses, or a box of chocolate truffles or romantic candlelight dinner, but that cannot alter the sweetness that comes with the color pink and all the many gorgeous attributes it exudes. Which explains why this style story is centered on the outcome of wearing pink.
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Shot on the artistic, colorful streets of Camden in London. She shows us how pretty you can be in pink, dressed up for a date night or just out on a night out being the life of the party. This style story shows us the transition and functionality of the dress, debunking any assumption that couture cannot be dressed up or down, and how also, anyone can be pretty in pink while splashing out the true colors of love.
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A Pink Valentine…by fashion consultant, Maryanne Alabi!
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Photo Shoot Details:
Creative Direction and styling | Maryanne Alabi @mayreejay
Photography | Femi Olaiya @iampixpac
Dress | Yemisi Olaiya @yemisiolaiya

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