#GlamOfficial | Editorial: The Icon, GRACE JONES by Maryanne Alabi!

Grace Jones has got to be one of the greatest fashion icons of all time, known for her extra fierce and voracious choice of style. She has been known to break every single fashion rule till date. She is a non-conformist and for this, I have fallen so deeply in love with her and what she represents style-wise.
This brings me to re-enact a style editorial centered around this awesome goddess in collaboration with renowned photographer August Udoh, who is known for his outstanding and authentic art in the Nigerian entertainment industry and Nigerian super model Bisochie, and talented makeup artist Mz Preye Makeovers.
Grace Jones has been a major influence and inspiration to me as a fashion stylist. She has shown me that there are no boundaries and endless stories in fashion and style. She has successfully shown time after time again that style truly has a soul and rhythm and it brings me great joy to tell my style story of her personal style through my eyes.

Displaying _MG_9270.jpg
Displaying _MG_9271.jpg
Displaying _MG_9275.jpg
Displaying _MG_9312.jpg
Displaying _MG_9360.jpg
Displaying _MG_9363.jpg
Displaying _MG_9381.jpg
Displaying _MG_9392.jpg
Styled by | @mayreejay
Photographed by | @augustudoh
Makeup by | @mzpreyemakeovers
Model | @bisochie1

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