#GlamOfficial | Photos from the launch of Micserah Fashion House!

Micserah, an Online Fashion Marketplace launched its offline store situated in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria on the 4th of December, 2016.

The brand, to a success, hosted the general public, celebrities, influencers and taste-makers to a soft opening as it had Nigerian Fashion brands like Hive, Old Testament and others stocking on the platform to carefully curate the best of each niche and category.

The idea behind the online marketplace is to provide an expertly curated space for local fashion designers to offer the best of affordable Made in Nigeria pieces.

Displaying DAK_4834.jpg
Displaying DAK_4622.jpg
Displaying DAK_4617.jpg
Displaying DAK_4619.jpg
Displaying DAK_4634.jpg
Displaying DAK_4744.jpg
Displaying DAK_4745.jpg
Displaying DAK_4794.jpg
Displaying DAK_4824.jpg
Displaying DAK_4929.jpg
Displaying DAK_4941.jpg
Displaying DAK_4943.jpg
Displaying DAK_4957.jpg
Displaying IMG_3157-1.jpg
Displaying DAK_4928.jpg
Displaying DAK_4905.jpg
Displaying DAK_4826.jpg
Displaying DAK_4819.jpg
Displaying DAK_4807.jpg
Displaying DAK_4802.jpg
Displaying DAK_4797.jpg
Displaying DAK_4792.jpg
Displaying DAK_4780.jpg
Displaying DAK_4759.jpg
Displaying DAK_4751.jpg
Displaying DAK_4717.jpg
Displaying DAK_4631.jpg

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