#GlamOfficial | D.E.E.V.A.S World presents their 2017 editorial themed ‘ŋwan’!

“ŋwan in a feisty dream”
ŋwan” (meaning woman/wife in efik) tells the story of a woman who sees the power and beauty of her dreams, believes her dreams are valid and isn’t afraid to dream bigger.
Modeled by TV host Elma Godwin, I am in love with the results of the shoot. See the fashion fim and photos below.

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Creative Direction & Styling | Sharon Ojong (@SharonOjong)
Photography | Sunmisola Olorunnisola (@SunmisolaOlorunnisola)
Model | Elma Godwin (@ElmaGodwin)
Makeup | Temitope Onayemi for (@Adella_Makeup)
Fur Coats | @Tiannahsplaceempire


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