#GlamOfficial | Diary of a Fashion Stylist: 1 Tunic, 3 Ways by Mayreejay!

Style is really about being individualistic.
My style on the other hand is a fusion of a lot of things that tell a beautiful story of the person behind Mayreejay.
I love to create and share beautiful style stories. I love how these stories can be translated by different people who love and appreciate their individual styles. I love how a piece of clothing can be styled and worn in multiple ways by different style influences.
This blush Agbada as I love to call it (tunic), made by Sally Bawa Lagos, is one versatile piece I highly recommend for all women. It is easy to wear and style. It makes an awesome transition from day to night, takes you for any and literally every occasion you might have, including a wedding. It is effortless to accessorize and it is super comfortable.
Take a cue from my style story on how to get the best of your Tunic, and thank me later. For more style tips, kindly send all mails to maryannealabi@yahoo.com.

Style 1
Displaying IMG_0371.JPG
Displaying IMG_0798.JPG
Displaying IMG_0810.JPG
Displaying Photo 19-09-2016, 2 49 56 pm.jpg
Displaying Photo 19-09-2016, 2 51 07 pm.jpg
Style 2
Displaying IMG_0772.JPG
Displaying Photo 19-09-2016, 2 15 37 pm.jpg
Style 3
Displaying Photo 19-09-2016, 2 37 01 pm.jpg
Designer | @sallybawalagos
Muse | @mayreejay
Photography | @soulsnatcha

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