ELOY Awards 2016 Special | GlamOfficial’s 10 With…. TEWA ONASANYA!

Excited to share the second edition of my special, GlamOfficial’s 10 With….

As you may already know, I get to ask inspiring personalities 10 questions in chit-chat form in a bid to get us to know them even more. On the first edition, I chatted with ace Nigeria fashion stylist, Jane Michael Ekanem who shared a bit of her journey to becoming a designer and also, style tips for body shapes.

This time, I had the honour of getting a few words from the Editor-in-chief/Publisher of Exquisite Magazine and the founder of ELOY Awards, Mrs.  Tewa Onasanya, as we anticipate the 2016 edition of the Exquisite Ladies of the Year awards. Read up on our chit-chat below.


G! | Take us briefly into your world as Mrs. Tewa Onasanya.

Mrs. T | I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother and a Pharmacologist turned Publisher/Entrepreneur. I am very passionate about what I do and I believe anything worth doing is worth doing very well. I have two great children, who I have to set great examples for about being the true and better version of yourself every day. I believe in everyone’s abilities and it makes me so happy when I see people succeed at what they do and being able to help people the best way I can.

G! | Describe your typical work week as an editor-in-chief.

Mrs. T | A typical work week would be me getting to the office, asking for a cup of tea or coffee first, saying a short thank you Lord for another day at my great office and lighting a candle. I love scented candles. Depending on what day of the week it is, we either have meetings as the EM team or I have individual meetings with each person on the team or I have out-of-office meetings. Basically, my week is filled with meetings, sometimes interviews, shoots and preparing for the next issue of EM, working on our events which include the EMAC (Exquisite Magazine Annual Cancer) Walk and the ELOY (Exquisite Ladies of the Year) Awards.

G! | What do you believe makes Exquisite Magazine different from others?

Mrs. T | I believe we are in a league of our own with our own vision and mission. We are different because before anything else, we are a fashion magazine, then beauty and lifestyle. We are not just focused on the outer beauty or appearance alone, but on the inner beauty too, that’s why when you pick up a copy of Exquisite Magazine, you will be eased into each page with informal but informative articles you can apply to your daily life. We thrive on being able to empower, inspire and motivate people with the information required to get them excited about themselves. We also use our platform to create awareness for a form of cancer that is 100% preventable and a lot of women are dying from (cervical cancer). Every issue of the magazine, we combine healthy doses of information for our great readers.


G! | Do you consider yourself a harsh boss?

Mrs. T | Lol. No I don’t. I believe I strike a good balance. I am not harsh but stern when I need to be and easy going when I need to be. As long as we are all pulling our weight and doing what we are supposed to do, we will be on the fun and easy going side of me. Any other action will be on the other side which I don’t like to get on all the time. I don’t like being angry. I believe it’s a waste of emotion that can be spent on being happy. My team knows me and they try their best.


G! | What mistakes have you made and learned from on the job?

Mrs. T | One of the big mistakes was me running the Exquisite Magazine publishing business on passion alone for a long time. You need to be able to draw a line and monetise your passion. I learnt that quite late in my publishing journey, maybe it’s because I didn’t have a business background, but that has since changed. Been in the business for 13 years now.

G! | Congratulations on another year of the ELOY Awards. Could you tell us what exact experience birthed the idea of the awards?

Mrs. T | After a few years of being in Nigeria, I noticed that almost all the award ceremonies that were held were to honour men and maybe, maybe one or two females. I thought to myself that this can’t be right, as there are so many women doing exceptionally well in different fields and are not being recognized. These women need to be honoured, recognized and celebrated, so other women especially the younger ones would be encouraged to be the best at anything they want to do even if it’s male dominated. With the vision and mission of Exquisite Magazine being to celebrate, inspire, motivate and empower women, we started an event which brings women together to network and communicate. In 2009, we started the only female awards in Nigeria called the ELOY Awards. ELOY is acronym for EXQUISITE LADIES OF THE YEAR, which uses its platform to celebrate women of excellence in different fields to inspire and motivate other women and also used to continue to raise the awareness for cervical cancer.

Vote at http://exquisitemag.com

G! | I must commend your efforts. Now it is known that the ELOY Awards was created to celebrate outstanding women. What makes it different this year?

Mrs. T | This year, we have mandated ourselves to celebrate ALL women not just the ones we know but everyone. Our theme this year is “every woman is worth celebrating” because we believe they are. There are women we don’t know about doing exceptionally well in their communities or workplace and we want to celebrate those hardworking women. That is why the CEMI (Celebrate. Empower. Motivate. Inspire) Woman Honours was introduced. We can’t celebrate all women at the ELOYs, otherwise we will be there for days or weeks, but we can take the celebration in bitesize and celebrate the women we can running up to the awards and then celebrate our nominees and winner at the awards ceremony itself. Another difference is that this year, our judges will scrutinize all categories, not just the Ladies Who Inspire categories (recognition awards) alone. We want to be able to give everyone a fair chance.

As always, we get better every year, so this year, expect great things from the team and an enjoyable ELOY Awards ceremony.


G! | Is there a future movement you are planning in a bid to further celebrate and also sensitize women?

Mrs. T | Wink wink. All in the pipeline as God lives. Can’t disclose yet.

G! | Alright then. We can rest assured it will be inspiring. So in your opinion, how do you think women should start seeing themselves as they haven’t before?

Mrs. T | Women need to understand their own strengths. We are stronger than what we ourselves think. We need to know and believe we can always do better and bigger and just go for it. We can’t win by just talking about it, we need to put some form of action behind our words, keep pushing the envelope. When I say win, I don’t necessarily mean win at the office or the society. I mean win our own internal battles with our own selves.


G! | Share with us a tip to being and feeling like an exquisite woman.

Mrs. T | My number one tip is, be yourself. Trying to be anyone else other than yourself is a waste of time and energy when you can be yourself and be great at being you. I always say, self-love is true love. When you love and understand yourself to the point that other people’s opinions don’t bother you, you are exquisite in your own right.

G! | On a lighter note, stilettos or block heels?

Mrs. T | Stilettos any day, anytime, always.



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