#GlamOfficial | Da Viva partners with Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016!

According to AFWN 2016, “Da Viva chose to partner with us because we believe it is a show that showcases high fashion, celebrates both up coming and established designers.It is a show that attracts fashion-endorsed celebrities and individuals in the society and also projects the African culture in a stylish way. These qualities mentioned above are synonymous to Da Viva brand and over the years AFWN/L has exposed Da Viva brand to the right audience giving the brand more reasons to be committed in partnering with the show.”

Da Viva is a fashion brand of choice for anyone seeking innovative, colourful printed fabrics. The range of Da Viva quality collections are: Ultimate by Da Viva, Expression by Da Viva, Ultimate Gold by Da Viva, Plain Dyed by Da Viva, Collezioni by Da Viva, Texturi by Da Viva and more.

Recently added is the Da Viva pure silk in limited edition. The range of Da Viva quality fabrics allows the fashion conscious Nigerian to create stunning garments also to give fashionista the opportunity to blend with the ever evolving world of fashion.

AFWN 2016 is proudly supported by GlamOfficial.


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