#GlamOfficial | “Where is your park”? Queen Bey releases sportswear line, ‘Ivy Park’ with Sir Philip Green!

If only we could look this glamorous strung through some hoops. (Photo: @beyonce)

After the collaboration announcement was made far back in October 2014, the collection is finally here. In case you didn’t know, Sir Philip Green is the boss at Topshop.

According to Yahoo! Style, “the name of the line is a combination of the Roman numeral IV — a significant number for Beyoncé, as both she and her husband, rapper Jay Z, were born on the fourth of the month— and park. Park is in reference to, well, actual parks, where you can wear Bey’s clothes and be the envy of absolutely everyone. The label, partly backed by Topshop’s Sir Philip Green, is a standalone brand, which both Bey and Green co-founded and own”.

Ivy Park will be launching April 14.

I have to say I love the parks idea behind the collection. Super cool. Will you be buying? View more photos below, including the campaign video.

The reigning queen of everything ... in the rain. (Photo: beyonce.com)

Another look from Beyoncé's forthcoming line. (Photo: Beyonce.com)

Beyoncé models a look from her forthcoming range that we want — right now. (Photo: Courtesy Ivy Park)


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