#GlamOfficial | 14 years after her death, Aaliyah will be launching her self-named fragrance!


Perfume company, Xyrena announced their collaboration with the late Aaliyah’s mom, Diane and brother, Rashad Haughton, to create a fragrance tribute to the famous singer and actress.

Killian Wells, Xyrena’s CEO said, “I grew up with Aaliyah’s music. As a huge fan, this is a very personal release for me and my company. We set out to create a fragrance to be cherished by Aaliyah’s fans and also introduce her to a new generation.”

She also revealed it will be a unisex scent inspired by actual fragrances Aaliyah wore which is in line with her signature, sexy tomboy image.

The company’s press release reads, Aaliyah by Xyrena contains base notes of vanilla, sandalwood, amber, and jasmine; middle notes of black pepper, violet and leather; with top notes of mint, lavender and mandarin.”
Aaliyah’s brother Rashad said, “It has been wonderful working with Xyrena to create an incredible fragrance that embodies the beauty, mystery, and creativity that my sister infused into every aspect of her life.”

#AaliyahbyXyrena is available for pre-order for $64, with shipments beginning in mid-October. Xyrena will also donate 5% of the gross sales to The Aaliyah Memorial Fund.



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